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A must-have item for women who love beauty

Wherever they go, women always carry a bag, and their bags are comparable to Doraemon’s magic pockets. To cater for women’s female love of beauty, there are now more products for women on the market.

Many people are curious as to what is in a girl’s bag, and based on our research and studies, we have compiled a TOP 10 list of what is in a woman’s bag.

1.Lipstick: lipstick can be said to be a must-have item for every girl who loves beauty, and I believe that many women must carry it in their bags when they go out. However, many women overlook the fact that wearing lipstick indiscriminately can be harmful.

, A must-have item for women who love beauty

  • Harming your lips

Lipsticks contain lanolin, which can easily cause allergies if applied indiscriminately. This can lead to slight pain in the lips, as well as discomfort such as dryness, cracking and peeling. Many people call this condition “lipstick disease”.

  • Causes staining of the lips

Lipsticks come in a wide range of colours, and the different colours are made from various pigments and colours. Therefore, if you wear lipstick for a long time, it is easy to deposit various pigments and colours on your lips. These substances will always irritate the lips and, with frequent use, may lead to staining of the lips, or to a deepening of the colour of the lips.

  • Damage to organs

Lipstick has a complex composition, so once lipstick is ingested, it can easily lead to a buildup of various toxins in the body. Moreover, all these ingredients are difficult to be metabolised out, which can easily lead to the body developing metal overload over time.

, A must-have item for women who love beauty

How to apply lipstick to reduce damage:

  • Pay attention to lip care

Before applying lipstick, use lip balm primer first, not directly on the lips lipstick. Because the lip skin is very fragile, if you apply lipstick directly, without lip balm priming first moisturize the lips, it is easy to deepen the lip lines, leading to skin peeling, lack of water and other performance, from the tolerance to lead to increasingly dry lips.

  • Use a special make-up remover

There will be residue left on your lips, so use special wipes or makeup remover to remove your lips, not simply water.

2.Tissues/wet wipes: Tissues are an important and indispensable part of our daily life. For women, wet wipes play a very important role, as they will inevitably encounter an urgent need for paper when they go out. They are the least expensive and most versatile of all the items in a woman’s bag.

3.Hand cream: hands are a woman’s second face, so hand care also needs to pay attention to, whether it is winter or summer, I believe that most women’s bags will contain a hand cream, hand cream is a kind of healing and smoothing skin cracks, dry, effective prevention and treatment of rough and dry hands in autumn and winter skin care products, autumn and winter season often use can make the hand skin more tender and moist.

4.Mobile phones: In the fast era, mobile phones are essential to achieve various functions such as navigation, payment, listening to music, chatting with people, etc. It will follow us to various public places, seemingly clean mobile phones, in fact, hide a lot of bacteria, a survey shows that mobile phones reside in 120,000 bacteria per square centimeter, according to this projection, the whole phone has at least millions of bacteria, this number is enough to This number is enough to put the bacteria queue on the toilet seat to shame. Due to the special environment and special treatment, mobile phones have become a breeding ground for a large number of bacteria.

A mobile phone turns out to have so many pathogenic bacteria, so we should clean it regularly.

  • When coming home from a night out or at the end of the day, it is a good idea to disinfect and decontaminate the entire phone with disinfectant wipes to avoid the continued growth of bacteria.
  • Do not access other objects, especially food, while on a call or while sending or receiving text messages.
  • Many people are used to keeping their mobile phones, wallets, keys and banknotes in the same place, especially women, whose bags can contain many items that can easily cause cross-contamination of bacteria.
  • Using a mobile phone while on a call reduces the attack of mobile phone radiation and also minimises contact between the phone and the lips of the face to prevent saliva transmission.
  • Wash your hands often, they are the biggest and most important host for bacteria and viruses,if you want to keep your phone as germ-free as possible, wash your hands frequently.

5.Headphones: out and about, can not avoid watching videos in public places to listen to music to answer the phone, external audio words is a rude thing, through the connection of headphones, so we can relax immersed in their own world, do not worry about affecting others, but also to ensure the privacy of the content, when the headphones in and out after the public places, but also like mobile phones, home to disinfect it, to reduce the spread of bacteria The headphones are also disinfected when you get home, just like mobile phones, to reduce the spread of bacteria.

, A must-have item for women who love beauty

6.Refresher: for women at work, every day with a panda eye to go to work, work often doze off, nasal congestion, dizziness, brain fatigue can only be refreshing through physical means to wake up, so many women often have some refreshing small items in their bags, here, to give you a refreshing wet wipes, you can enter our official website to see Oh!

7.Sunscreen: Many beauty-conscious women stock up on a sunscreen in their bags. In many people’s minds, sunscreen is only needed when there is sun and when they are out and about, which is obviously a misconception.

UV rays are divided into long-, medium- and short-wave UV rays. Short-wave UV is absorbed by the atmosphere, so it has little effect on the human body, while long-wave and medium-wave UV needs special protection. Medium-wave UV can be blocked by glass, but not long-wave UV; in summer, on rainy days, some people do not do sun protection and expose their skin completely to the outside world, which is also not right. UV rays affect people’s skin 365 days a year, it has a strong penetrating power, can pass through the clouds, so it is not only sunny days, when the sun, outdoor sun protection, even if it is cloudy days stay indoors, the skin will also be damaged by UV rays, the intensity should not be underestimated, although it is not visible for a while, but melanin in our body slowly accumulate, over time will have an impact on the skin.

, A must-have item for women who love beauty

Sunscreen application precautions:

  • It is not advisable to apply thicker and thicker

The texture of sunscreen is usually greasy, if you apply many layers on your face, it will cause the facial pores to be clogged, which is not conducive to skin perspiration and heat dissipation, and even grow acne or pimples, which may also cause skin infections over time. Therefore, it is important to adhere to the principle of applying sunscreen in the right amount, too much or too little is not appropriate.

  • Not just one application

In general, sunscreen products last for about 3-4 hours, so you need to apply them several times throughout the day, so it doesn’t work if you only apply them once. Therefore, you can choose some sunscreen products that are more portable and can be used at any time in your bag. If you only apply sunscreen once a day, it will be very ineffective for those few hours in the afternoon and will have almost no effect.

Many people will feel that sunscreen is not a cosmetic product, you can directly wash your face with water, this is also not the right concept, sunscreen is required to remove makeup, sunscreen is a skin care product, but it also contains many chemical ingredients, these ingredients will cling to the surface of your face, do not remove then it is easy to cause pore blockage, some cleansers are not effective for cleaning, so you still need a professional makeup remover products to Some cleansers are not effective, so you will need a professional make-up remover to remove it completely, such as make-up remover wipes and make-up remover oil.

You will find that every item in your bag is inseparable from the wipes, so you can see how useful they are. Whether it is disinfectant wipes, make-up remover wipes, normal wipes or others, we can offer you the best products.







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