Our commitment does not end with wet wipes delivery.

We believe that having the best-fit wet wipes  is merely the first step to your success in the wet wipes business, Developing consumer-oriented products with well-selected raw materials to delivering satisfying performance is the other critical element

What Raw Materials Are Made of Wet Wipes?

What Raw Materials Are Made of Wet Wipes? www.chnmingouwipes.com

Don’t have time to sort through the endless wet wipes raw material options?

We can do that for you.

Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric www.chnmingouwipes.com

Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

Different applications of wet wipes (baby wipes, pet care wipes, makeup removal wipes, alcohol wipes, kitchen wipes, cosmetic wipes, disinfectant wipes ,shoe wipes,etc.) require a different combination of fabric gsm, fiber blend and fabric pattern.


Fiber Blend100%Polyester ~100%Viscose
TypePlain, Pearl pattern
Roll LengthCan be customize
Roll WidthCan be customize
Plastic Lid / Plastic Cap www.chnmingouwipes.com

Plastic Lid / Plastic Cap

Diversified options are provided: Lid dimensions, weight, shapes or lid color can all be tailor-made according to customer demand.


Material PP(Non-recycling Material guarantee)
Wieht 6-15gsm
Color White or can be customized with no additional cost
Shapes Square, Rectangle, Round, Oval, Cloud-shaped
Re-sealable Sticker www.chnmingouwipes.com

Re-sealable Sticker

A good quality re-sealable sticker for wet wipes should be tear-resistant and water-proof with high stickiness.


FeaturesTear-resistant, High stickiness, Water-proof
ColorsWhite or can be customized with no additional cost
ShapesCan be customized
SizeAny sizes you need
, Raw Materials & Accessories

Lid Label

Lid label for wet wipes is a self-adhesive sticker. Sizes, shapes and color are all customizable.


MaterialSynthetic Paper
FeaturesTear-resistant, High stickiness, Water-proof
ColorsOpaque White or can be customized with no additional cost
ShapesSquare/ Rectangle/ Round/ Oval/ Cloud-shaped
SizesAny sizes you need
Laminated Packaging Foil www.chnmingouwipes.com

Laminated Packaging Foil

Laminated packaging film used to wrap wet tissues is composited of various materials.



PET/PE BOPP;PET/AL/PE and all suitable material

Glossy films; Matte films

Thickness60-100 micron
ColorsCan be customized
OdorNo harsh odor Eco-friendly
SizesAny sizes you need


We offer a wide variety of fragrances that you can add to your needs.


IngredientsGlycerin, amino acids, xylitol, aloe vera, chamomile, olive, licorice, tea polyphenols, etc.

Chamomile,Manzanilla,Strawberry,Sandalwood, Amani,Orange,Lemon,Coconut,Peach,Avocado, Cucumber,Apple,Mint,Alove,Rose,jasmine,lavender,  Johnson&Johns,ovanilla,Dior,Chancl,Rose,Papaya,Black raspberry,Aloe vera,Coconut, Vanilla, Olive, Pomegranate, Honey&almond,Raspberries, Berries, Pears & Strawberries,Pomegranate, Cherry, Ginseng, Tropical blend, Cherry blend, Citrus blend,Green tea

Custom scentIf you want to add your own customized fragrance, we also support it.


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