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Do you really know anything about wet wipes?

Wet wipes are a common part of people’s lives, but did you know that there are also different types of wipes? But did you know that there are also categories of wipes? Wet wipes on the market today are broadly divided into three categories.

ordinary wipes (no bactericidal effect), for cleaning hands and mouth, these wipes are disinfected themselves, but can not disinfect other items, containing protective ingredients, can only do skin cleaning maintenance.

Hygienic wipes (the killing rate of bacteria is more than 90%), used for cleaning baby toys, pet toys, furniture, medical equipment of hospital.

disinfection wipes (up to sanitary disinfection standards), not only the wipes themselves were disinfected, and other items can also play a role in disinfection, commonly used to do skin abrasions, scratches and other disinfection or sterilization.

, Do you really know anything about wet wipes?

The ingredients determine the cleaning effect of the wipes. In order to be able to reach the product needed to remove bacteria, clean, etc., the added ingredients of each brand of wet wipes are different, so when choosing, you should pay attention to the added ingredients on the product label, and if the ingredients and content are not suitable, do not buy them. What are the ingredients of wet wipes, do you understand?

Generally speaking good wet wipes added ingredients are given to the label to prevent some ingredients from affecting the skin, thus leading to skin allergies, the following take you to understand some of the common ingredients of wet wipes on the market.

common wipes ingredients chnmingouwipes

, Do you really know anything about wet wipes?

  1. water – refined water, pure water, RO pure water: wet wipes in the pharmaceutical water content generally accounts for about 80%, the water content is too low wet wipes will feel more dry, and vice versa, the water content is too high will feel too wet, not convenient to use. In order to better avoid the reaction between water and pharmaceuticals, the water used in the wipes must be specially processed water, which can be seen on the outer packaging ingredients as “refined water”, “pure water”, “RO pure water”. “RO pure water” words.
  2. Humectant – propylene glycol: propylene glycol is a solution and a humectant. It helps to dissolve the effective chemicals in the agent in water, so that the water does not easily evaporate out, and plays an anti-bacterial and antiseptic effect, so basically all commonly used wet wipes have it in them. Generally speaking, all wipes contain this ingredient.
  3. Preservatives – phenoxyethanol, methyl paraben, nipagin: wipes contain a lot of water and other chemicals, so preservatives must be added to keep the effective chemicals active, but the water content is generally very low and does not have a negative impact.
  4. Antimicrobial agents – lactic acid nano, eucalyptus leaves: there are many different kinds of antimicrobial agents, not only chemically synthesised ones but also purely natural ones. 5. Non-ionic surfactants – polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, polyether: laundry detergents and most detergents contain non-ionic surfactants, which are used to remove stains and grease for cleaning purposes. Sanitary wipes contain a certain amount of germicidal medication to control and kill some of the bacteria used on the face and hands. There are many different types of wipes, so it is best to find the right one for your needs.


In order to effectively protect our health, most families choose wipes with antibacterial properties, such as most baby wipes, pet wipes, family wipes, feminine wipes, etc. that are available on the market today.

If you are interested, you can browse through our website categories, we have a wide range of wipes to give you the choice you are looking for.

, Do you really know anything about wet wipes?

, Do you really know anything about wet wipes?

The following are frequently asked questions about wet wipes

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F:wipes = antiseptic?

Q:The answer is NO. Many people do not have a clear understanding of the classification of wet wipes and mistakenly believe that as long as they are wet wipes, they have sterilization functions.

In fact, wet wipes on the market can be divided into the following categories: ordinary wipes, hygienic wipes and disinfection wipes.

There is no difference between good and bad wipes, and the decision on which wipes to choose depends on your specific needs.

  • For simple cleaning at home or for commuting, you can use ordinary wipes.
  • If you want a certain level of disinfection after wiping, hygienic wipes are sufficient for everyday use.
  • For higher disinfection requirements, especially in times of epidemics when a more thorough sterilisation is desired, disinfectant wipes can be used.

F:Is the more complex the pattern of the wet wipes, the better?

Q:The answer is NO. Many people fall into the misconception that wipes with complex patterns are better.

In fact, there are three main types of wipes on the market today: plain, mesh and Pearl pattern. There is no difference between good and bad wipes with different textures, and the decision on which wipes to buy will depend on your specific needs.

, Do you really know anything about wet wipes?

Water absorption/cleaning power: pearl > mesh > plain

Softness: Plain > Pearl > Mesh

If you have no cleaning needs and are looking for a single soft touch, choose a plain patterned wipe

For better cleanliness, absorbency and softness, choose wipes with a pearl pattern.

F:Are the darker the wipes, the better?

Q:The answer is NO. Many people fall into the misconception that the whiter the wipes are, the cleaner they are and the more secure they are.

In fact, the whiter the wipes are, the more likely they are to have added fluorescent whitening agents, which may have a detrimental effect on long-term use. Therefore, when buying wipes, you need to read the ingredients list of the wipes. If the label is vague or the ingredients are not suitable, do not buy them.


Choose: Wet wipes should also be purchased with caution

  • When purchasing, you need to check whether the sanitary permit number, product implementation standards, hygiene implementation standards and other permits of the wipes are complete.
  • You should check whether the wipes are within their shelf life before use. Different types of wipes have different shelf lives, including sanitary wipes and disinfectant wipes, and their efficacy may be affected if they exceed their shelf life.
  • Poor quality wipes have a distinctly irritating smell and should be purchased in a mild, unscented form.
  • High quality wipes are mostly made of non-woven fabric with a soft, clean texture and no impurities, while poor quality wipes will have obvious impurities.
  • Wet wipes will not have obvious hair and flocculation when used, hair and flocculation wet wipes have an irritating effect on the skin and can easily make people feel itchy.
  • Try to use individually wrapped wipes or wipes in large packets with extractable closure, with a tight seal after each use and as soon as possible to avoid evaporation of their active ingredients and moisture.








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