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A comprehensive look at the most popular baby wipes

, A comprehensive look at the most popular baby wipes

Wet wipes is an investment for your business so you want to be sure you are choosing the correct one to fulfil your needs and budget.Don’t be overwhelmed!

You probably have looked into your local market and noticed that one category of disposable hygienic commodities is starting to take up an increasingly larger space on the shelf.

That is “wet wipes.”

This industry has grown rapidly from the time when baby care wet wipes defined the entire market. Today there are wet wipes used for cosmetic purposes, for household use as well as for hygienic applications.

Generally, wipes come in various packing forms. Some are packed in 100counts with flip-top; some are counted 10 sheets and portable to fit in a lady’s purse; some come in an extreme large size like a bath towel and some are packed in single sachet.

Baby wipes in hundreds and thousands of styles are available these days. You’ll find different scents, no scent at all, extra thick, all natural, refill packs, flip top packs, and more.

, A comprehensive look at the most popular baby wipes

Scented vs. Unscented Baby Wipes

Before you go too wild on selecting the scent of baby wipes you prefer, make sure your baby doesn’t have super-sensitive skin. Some babies can’t handle fragrance on their diaper area, or anywhere against the skin. For these babies, unscented wipes are the better choice.

Among the scented baby wipes varieties, the best choice is a matter of personal preference. Wipes that have a heavy fragrance may be off-putting to some parents, though.

, A comprehensive look at the most popular baby wipes

Baby Wipe Container Types

The most common type of baby wipes container is a plastic box with a flip-up lid. The wipes inside pop up through the lid so it’s easy to grab them with one hand while changing a diaper . You can buy refill wipes for pop-up containers, too. These big plastic bags of wipes cost a little less than just buying a new plastic box each time, and they don’t take up much room to store.

Some types of pop-up baby wipes come in a flexible plastic bag that has a rigid flip-up top. It’s convenient to buy these wipes because you don’t have to bother with refilling them. Just toss the old one out and grab a new container. However, the plastic can make loud crinkling sounds when you’re trying to get the wipes out, which could make night-time diaper changes less soothing. The wipes can bunch up toward the end of the package if you carry them around in a diaper bag.

It’s easy to mistake multi-packs of these wipes for the refill packages that go into the plastic boxes. If you’re looking for refills, make sure to read the package carefully to be sure it’s not actually separate containers within the bag.

, A comprehensive look at the most popular baby wipes

Travel Wipes

Travel packages of baby wipes usually come in two types of containers. The first is a rigid plastic box that opens up in some way to allow access to the wipes. These travel boxes can be refilled with the same pop-up wipes you’re using at home. This kind of travel pack is convenient because some diaper bag, diaper clutches, and quick-change stations have a built-in spot for the container, so it forms a wipes dispenser.

The second type of travel wipes come in a plastic bag, usually with a sticker-type top. They’re great for stashing in a diaper bag and don’t take up much room, but the sticker tops tend to lose the ability to stay shut by the tail end of the package.

Extra-Thick Wipes

If you like to know there’s as much material as possible between you and baby poo, extra-thick wipes are a perfect choice. The feel of the thicker wipes is preferable to many parents, and there’s definitely no concern about any yuck leaking through with them.

, A comprehensive look at the most popular baby wipes

Specialty Wipes

For babies who are prone to diaper rash,  now make wipes with soothing ingredients built in, or plain water wipes. Other companies make wipes that are supposed to break down more quickly in the landfill. Some are made with natural or organic ingredients.

These specialty wipes tend to cost more than other baby wipes.

Flushable Wipes

Flushable wipes are usually geared toward potty-training toddlers but may be useful for families who use hybrid diaper systems with flushable inserts. These wipes often come in a plastic flip-top box, just like regular baby wipes, and sometimes have refill packs available.

Be careful about flushing very many wipes at one time, though. If your septic system can’t handle the thicker wipes, you could be in for an expensive plumber’s bill. Use caution when trying these out. Flush just a few at a time and watch for clogs or slower drainage.

What type of wet wipes ?

Before you start to feel dizzy by the dazzlingly display of all types of wipes on the market, you have envisioned it as a prosperous market and a profitable business.

As per tissue folding types and converting theories, wet wipes available on the market can be categorized into the following 4 types:

(1) Single/double counts/bag;

(2) 5-30 counts/bag;

(3) 30-120 counts/bag;

(4) canister wipes;

Among hundreds of wet wipes vendors who all promised “the best product and perfect solutions” under different price tags.

their budget frame until each wipes cost is unveiled. Much as I couldn’t fully agree on it, I would suggest our customers to take the following key factors into evaluation and work out the desired performance they are expecting to achieve.

Once they fully understand what results they are trying to get, they will be able to see which costs range they are falling into so that they could adjust their allocable budget accordingly.

[ “What is the price of this wipes?”

-It ranges from “xxxx Usd to xxxx Usd.”

Why don’t we sit down first and have a discussion on your specific demands”

-Ok, I will discuss with our team and get back to you on Monday.”

And your Monday never comes.]

A contract manufacturer should get ready to be challenged with diversified product specification demands, so you probably would want to make sure no constraints are there when a million worth OEM order hits you in the future…, A comprehensive look at the most popular baby wipes

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