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What are the new functional wipes?

When it comes to wet wipes, just like his name, it is used to wipe the wet hand towel, in recent years, with the development of the national economy, the improvement of residents’ income and the upgrading of consumption structure, the application of wet wipes from the business field to the home field, from a single cleaning wipes to upgrade to all kinds of functional wipes, has successfully occupied a large part of people’s lives, the market is full of wet wipes, in addition to what we know baby wipes, pet wipes, makeup remover wipes, disinfectant wipes, kitchen wipes these daily wipes, in fact, there is a part of the new wet wipes market is gradually expanding. In addition to the baby wipes, pet wipes, make-up remover wipes, disinfectant wipes, kitchen wipes and other everyday wipes that we know, there are actually some new wipes that are gradually expanding in the market, do you know which wipes are included as new functional wipes? The following Mingou will take you through these wipes.

  • Shoe wipes —— say goodbye to dirty shoes and give your little dirty shoes a new look

The term “netflix” seems to have been used so much that many people unconsciously associate it with hype. When Netflix wipes come out of nowhere, we naturally have the same questions: does it really work? What exactly are its ingredients? The main reason is that he has a unique value for consumers, and it is the fact that there are no wipes with similar functions on the market that makes it a category within the new functional wipes.

, What are the new functional wipes?

In the past, people used to look for shoe-shiners on the street to polish their shoes. With the change of time, shoe-shiners are now almost impossible to find, and the accelerated pace of life makes it increasingly difficult for people to find the time to do the tedious process of polishing shoes themselves.

, What are the new functional wipes?

Shoe wipes use nano surfactants, using the physical electrostatic repulsion of molecules and the intermolecular attraction of liquids, to easily decompose and separate dirt from the surface of shoes, prevent mould and oxidation on the upper, multi-depth decomposition and decontamination, anti-mould and sterilisation, while repeated use of shoe wipes can make the damaged leather gradually restore the lustre and softer texture. This maximises the life of your shoes.

You can carry disposable shoe wipes in your bag, so that when you accidentally dirty your shoes on a business trip, you can simply remove one wipe and wipe it on the upper a few times to remove dirt, polish and maintain it in one go, restoring the lustre of your shoes.

  • Wipes for down jackets -——leave the traditional cleaning method behind and keep your down jacket warmer

The winter down jacket is definitely the first choice for warm clothing, not only light but also warm, but the cleaning of the down jacket is really a big problem, especially the light-colored down jacket, good-looking but not dirty, wash too often and not warm.
So most people will only clean it after wearing it all winter, most people will choose to hand wash it, wash it in the washing machine or send it to the dry cleaners for cleaning, but these methods are time consuming and labor intensive.

, What are the new functional wipes?

With down wipes, you don’t have to worry about how to clean your down jacket and stain it. Any time you accidentally stain your down jacket, you can pull out a quick scrub and wipe it repeatedly with the down cleaning wipes and the stain will soon be clean.

, What are the new functional wipes?

This duvet wipes produced by Mingou contains a mild formula, the main ingredients are hydroentangled non-woven fabric, deionised water, surfactant, dispersant, plant extracts, etc., which contains a variety of surfactant ingredients, can quickly penetrate the stain, play a deep cleaning effect, can meet the needs of different stain removal, does not hurt the clothing, does not hurt the hands; contains cleaning ingredients, quick solution to dirt, small and convenient, easy to carry, solve It is convenient and easy to carry, solving any clothes soiling and other troubles.

, What are the new functional wipes?

  • Mosquito Repellent Wipes ——the must-have wipes for summer, long lasting mosquito repellent

After learning about the ordinary wipes on the market, are you curious about the mosquito repellent wipes, which are loved by a large number of people. Through research into the market and people’s views on these wipes, Mingou has produced several types of mosquito repellent wipes, all of which have received good feedback in the market.

, What are the new functional wipes?

If you are interested in them, you can go to the website for more detailed information!

The wipes contain the most scientific herbal formula to ensure the safety of the premise, double the repellent power, use the same as ordinary wipes, wipe on the arms, ankles and other easy to be bitten places, mosquitoes will smell these scents away, the formula contains eucalyptus oil, citronella oil, is the most intolerable smell of mosquitoes, but also recognized as “mosquito repellent ability”! It is also recognised as a “mosquito repellent”, so you can take it with you when you go out, even to parks, meadows and botanical gardens.

Made of skin-friendly non-woven fabric, which is not only comfortable to the touch but also flexible.

Extracted from natural plant formulas, non-toxic and harmless without mosquito avoidance amines, more gentle and non-invasive to the skin, no fluorescent agents, care for the skin safer.

With the addition of ro pure water scientific ratio, safe to repel mosquitoes more healthy——RO pure water, also known as reverse osmosis water, is a kind of food-grade purified water, it does not affect the role of plant repellent essential oil, the whole wipes in a healthy weak acid, close to the PH value of human skin, care of sebum, even the delicate skin of children with it is no problem, and the smell of the wipes is plant fragrance is not irritating at all, very good smell, very easy to use, a gentle draw, a very convenient one at a time! The wipes are designed with a tear strip closure, which is very sticky, so you don’t have to worry about the mosquito repellent ingredients evaporating.

, What are the new functional wipes?

  • Feminine hygiene wipes ——private hygiene and protection of your health

With social progress, improved living standards and increased environmental pollution, many women’s biological clocks have been disrupted and problems in women’s secret gardens are becoming more frequent, from small odours, itching and allergies to gynaecological inflammation, menstrual disorders, leucorrhoea, cervical disease and so on, all of which are health hazards caused by improper intimate care, and how to clean properly is an important issue for women.

As women’s physiological structure is relatively special, easy to adhere to dirty things, infection bacteria, so private care wipes can be very good to help clean intimate parts, now on the market specifically for women to create personal private care wipes are increasingly popular, but because of the endless female private care wipes, many women’s wipes added fragrance, alcohol and other ingredients, will damage the intimate acid-base balance, triggering gynaecological inflammation; some wipes will add disinfectants, germicides, preservatives and other ingredients, such ingredients themselves may have safety risks, irritating to the sticky and skin, and more likely to cause bacterial resistance.


The following eight factors will teach you how to choose the right wipes for your personal care.

1.No fragrance: Fragrance can easily irritate the skin

2.No alcohol: alcohol will evaporate and take away the moisture from the skin surface, causing dry skin

3.No fluorescent agents: the human body cannot metabolize fluorescent agents, which can easily weaken the body’s immunity

4.No preservatives: long-term use of preservative-containing fragrances can easily irritate the skin

5.No hormones: easily lead to hormone-dependent dermatitis, affecting human metabolism

6.No antibiotics: will disrupt the balance of intimate flora and allergies, easy to produce drug resistance

7.No harmful chemical ingredients: chemical ingredients will have an impact on human health

8.No chemical antibacterial agents: antibacterial agents kill harmful bacteria while killing beneficial bacteria, reducing the skin’s own protective function

  • Icy wet wipes -——refreshing and brainwashing to keep you awake

Did you know that apart from regular wipes, there are also ice-cold wipes? That’s a boon for summer.

Ice Cool Wipes are made with EDI pure water, multiple cycle treatment, physically clean, safe formula can be assured, no migratory fluorescent agent, bleach.

It contains toning ingredients to remove the smell or stickiness of sweat and dry the body, as well as extracted menthol to cool and refresh, and zinc phenol sulfonate to stop sweating and inhibit acne without irritating the skin, making it suitable for all scenarios.

, What are the new functional wipes?

  • Toilet wipes -——100% biodegradable

About biodegradable toilet wipes, has been introduced to you in detail in the previous article Oh, it features a biodegradable material, wipes can be thrown directly into the toilet without clogging, this is an innovation to the traditional wipes, so it is also included in the new functional wipes.

The main choices for Dispersible non-woven materials are natural and recycled cellulose fibres, such as wood pulp fibres, cotton fibres, viscose fibres and lyocell fibres, which are environmentally friendly as they have good biodegradability.In addition, for the material to be Dispersible, the pulp fibres need to be at least 70%.

General biodegradable wet toilet wipes are able to wipe away 99% of bacteria, effective anti-bacterial, safe and non-irritating, and are welcomed by most markets. In developed countries such as Europe and America, biodegradable wet toilet paper has long been a common household necessity, and in order to meet the popularity level, several types of biodegradable toilet wipes produced by Mineo have also received good reviews and are often exported to various countries.

Do you understand all of the above new functional wipes? Welcome to our website to browse, you can contact us if you have any needs, hope to cooperate with you~






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