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About the different functions of pet wipes
, About the different functions of pet wipes 1.Solving the problem of tear stains in pets

Tear stains have always been a headache for many dog owners in the process of feeding their dogs. Firstly, we need to understand how tear stains are formed. Normally, tears are drained from the tear ducts, but when the animal cries, the tear ducts are too full of tears and cannot be drained from the tear ducts, resulting in blockage of the tear ducts or lacrimal infection, they are drained from the corners of the eyes, and over time, tear stains are produced. When tear stains are severe they can not only affect their appearance but can also harbour excess bacteria in the eye which can be harmful to the dog’s eye health.

, About the different functions of pet wipes

Other causes of tear stains

  • When the ear canal is infected with bacteria, viruses, moulds, parasites, or itching caused by ear infections such as otitis media or ear mites, the dog will frequently scratch his ears with his hind feet. As the pain in the deep ear canal extends to the area around the eye, it can stimulate the tear ducts to secrete tears, which can spill out of the corner of the eye near the nose when too many tears cannot drain from the nasolacrimal ducts. Over time, the brown tear stains on the hairs will become very visible.
  • Inflammation and swelling of the nasolacrimal ducts due to infection causes blockage of the ducts and prevents tears from draining properly through them, resulting in unsightly tear stains.
  • Eyelid entropion is also known as an inverted eyelash condition. When there is entropion, the eyelashes will keep irritating the cornea and the dog will often tear up, again causing very serious tear stains.
  • When the tear-secreting lacrimal glands become infected, causing an abnormal amount of tears to be secreted, and the nasolacrimal ducts do not have time to unblock so many tears, this can lead to tears escaping from the eyes and over time, unsightly tear marks can form.

, About the different functions of pet wipes

So if you notice tear stains under your dog’s eyes, it is important to take immediate action to help remove them.Here are some tips on how to take care of your dog’s tear stains, so make sure you read them carefully.

  • Provide your dog with a light, low-salt diet

Pay more attention to some eye health food, if your dog eats something that tastes very heavy, then you should pay attention, quickly change the lighter, low salt content food, such as tomatoes, groundnuts, carrots and so on, to eat less salt, drink more water, more sun and exercise, to prevent eye inflammation; it is worth noting that dog food is very important, change to some natural health dog food, the formula can be with the effect of removing fire, such as chrysanthemum, dog food, vitamins and so on. For example, chrysanthemum, dog food, vitamins and so on, you will find unexpected effects; in addition, you can make your own fresh food or raw food to feed, usually give your dog more water, put more water basins at home, replace the water in the basin in time, encourage your pet to drink more water, add some apple cider vinegar to the water can also play a role.

, About the different functions of pet wipes

  • Trim the hair around the eyes regularly

Pay regular attention to the hair around your dog’s eyes at home, and if you notice that the hair around your dog’s eyes is always sticking up in his eyes, then it should be trimmed promptly.When clipping, take care not to injure your dog. In addition to being careful not to cut your dog with the scissors around the eyes, the clipped hair must be cleaned up promptly,don’t get it in your dog’s eyeballs,otherwise the dog will still have tears in his eyes.If you don’t know how to cut it yourself, you can take it to a grooming salon to avoid tear marks caused by the hair irritating the conjunctiva and causing tears.

, About the different functions of pet wipes

  • Give your dog a massage

Regular eye massage and cleaning of the eyes and ears etc. can help the nasolacrimal ducts to flow freely and reduce the appearance of tears.

, About the different functions of pet wipes

  • Get more sunlight and exercise regularly

If you take your dog out, try not to go out when the sun is strong as the sun can cause irritation to your dog’s eyes, which can lead to tearing.

, About the different functions of pet wipes


  • Pay attention to eye cleaning routine

Pay attention to whether your dog’s eyes are moist and clear, whether the conjunctiva and corners of the eyes are congested, whether he is scratching his eyes with his hands or feet and whether there is an increase in discharge. If the eyes are too dry or have a lot of discharge, use antiseptic eye drops or saline to rinse and clean them. This will have a dramatic effect.

, About the different functions of pet wipes

  • Don’t let your dog stick its head out of the window when riding in the car

Many dogs like to stick their heads out of the window, but strong winds can hurt the dog’s eyes and make them prone to tears against the wind.

  • Use tear stain removal products ——tear stain removal wipes

As more and more pet loving families pay more attention to the cleanliness of their dogs, when tear stains appear around the eyes of their dogs, owners will try every possible way to help restore the beauty of their dogs, and eye hygiene is naturally indispensable. Many pet owners use the above mentioned methods to help clean their dog’s tear stains, in addition to using a warm, wet towel to wipe around their dog’s eyes daily to relieve tear stains,but this method can only achieve a short period of cleaning strength, and pet families will often take their pets out and about, carrying a wet towel in the bag is too inconvenient, so the emergence of tear marks pet wipes for many pet families to solve a big problem, pet tear marks wipes generally have antibacterial disinfection effect, can be very good resistance to external stimulation of the eye, antibacterial anti-inflammatory, keep the pet eye health, to avoid eye disease, and can also be put in the bag, disposable wipes for dog cleaning is very convenient, as long as after a long period of use. Disposable Dog Eye Wipes are very convenient for dog cleaning and can be used over a long period of time to improve your dog’s tear stain problem.

, About the different functions of pet wipes

If the above actions do not improve the tear stains well, then it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible to treat the problem.

Overall, the solution to the tear stain problem is frequent care + a light diet, which means using a supplemental tear stain removal product and then adjusting the structure of the diet. Pet lovers should put in more effort to solve our dogs’ beauty and health problems sooner so that they can regain their youthful beauty sooner.

 2.Solving your dog’s body cleaning problems

In recent years, people are more and more interested in the quality of life, and the number of pet-owning families is increasing. Whether it’s a morning run or an evening meal, you can see people walking around with their dogs, but many pet-owning families have a lot of trouble cleaning their pets, especially in the hot summer months when a lot of bacteria can grow if they don’t bathe their dogs regularly.

, About the different functions of pet wipes


The frequency of dog bathing needs to give the dog’s hair and skin some time to react, and the pet dog can adjust the frequency of bathing according to seasonal changes. It is recommended that dogs should be bathed once every 5-7 days in spring and summer; in autumn and winter, dogs can be bathed once every 10-15 days.

But in this period can not avoid the dog due to go out dirty local body, available small cleaning way, for the pet to remove dirt, there are now many pet wipes for dogs on the market, it really brings convenience to the pet family, dog antiseptic wipes can effectively help dogs to remove legs and buttocks and other dirt parts, but also can achieve the same cleaning strength as a bath, mainly for the purpose of cleaning and removing bacteria, small cleaning Afterwards, hold your fluffy clean cutie in your arms for a healthier sense of well-being.

, About the different functions of pet wipes

What is the difference between wet wipes and towels:

  • Convenience ——dogs spend a lot of time outdoors every day and because of their portability and convenience, pet wipes are a valuable cleaning tool when wiping your pet’s feet and body.
  • Safety —— clinical evidence from dermatological care journals has found that wipes are gentler on the skin than just using cotton towels and water to clean, as they have a soft material, gentle surfactant and emollient ingredients that add moisture and condition the skin for pets, and are more effective than using traditional towels with water to clean The towels are more likely to harbour and accumulate bacteria and are not easily cleaned and disinfected thoroughly, which is not good for your pet’s health in the long term.
  • PH value ——The dog wipes are designed and manufactured according to the PH value of the dog’s skin, which can gently protect the dog’s skin.
  • Highly functional —— in addition to doing simple pet cleaning, it can also have an antibacterial and disinfecting effect.

, About the different functions of pet wipes


Myths about choosing pet wipes

Myth 1: The more moist the petkin pet wipes, the better the quality – this is a false statement, wipes that are too moist are very prone to bacterial growth and this can have an impact on your dog’s health when using them.

Myth 2: Thick wipes are good quality – pulling or not pulling is not related to the thickness, but mainly to the material. Whether it’s non-woven or wood pulp paper, wipes that are thin and thick and soft enough are the best choice.
Pets’ skin is very sensitive, so soft wipes are less harmful to their skin. Many people will feel that wipes that are too thin tend to get their hands dirty, so they tend to choose thicker models, which is actually an incorrect concept.

Myth 3: Using ordinary wet wipes instead of pet wipes – Many pet owners are unaware of the concept of pet wipes, and many are even taking human wipes or pet towels to clean their pets, which is a very wrong behaviour, as the PH value of pet skin and human skin surface is different, the PH value of human skin is Human skin has a pH value of 4.5-5.5, which is acidic, while pets’ is between 6.8-7.4, which is neutral; most human wipes are acidic, while if you use them to wipe your dog’s skin, it will cause an imbalance in the pH of your pet’s epidermis and reduce skin immunity.








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