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What Disinfection Is Suitable For Medical Disinfection Wipes

Recently, everyone is concerned about the issue of disinfection. The disinfection products we know mainly include disinfectant, disinfection machine, disinfection cabinet, disinfection water and medical disinfection wipes, etc. Commonly used in ordinary people’s lives are disinfectant and medical disinfection wipes. Wait, so what kind of disinfection is medical disinfection wipes suitable for?

Medical disinfection wipes are suitable for:

Different brands of medical disinfection wipes have different ingredients, and different ingredients are suitable for the disinfection of different items.

For example, disinfectant wipes with quaternary ammonium salts can kill germs, cocci, pathogenic yeasts, etc., and can be used to disinfect the surface of objects. You only need to remove and wipe it when you use it. It can be disinfected in 2 minutes. Play the purpose of cleaning.

In addition, there are alcohol disinfection wipes, biguanide disinfection wipes, chlorine-containing disinfection wipes or composite disinfection wipes.

The scope of application of disinfectant wipes with different ingredients will also be different. What is the specific function? Basically, it will be shown on the package or instructions. Just check the instructions.

The use of disinfectant wipes can reduce the occurrence of mismatching of the disinfectant solution, and reduce the cross-infection caused by the repeated use and immersion of the rag in the disinfectant solution during the cleaning and disinfection process.

At the same time, because the disinfectant wipes can be taken and used immediately, it can save manpower and have better compliance. There is no need to spend time configuring solutions, cleaning rags, nor removing disinfectant residues, and cleaning and disinfection is completed in one step.

How to use medical disinfection wipes:

1. Pay attention to all aspects of disinfection wipes when selecting, and confirm the function of the product;

2. Pay attention to the paper quality of disinfection wipes;

3. Confirm the sealing condition of the disinfectant wipes after taking it in your hand;

4. Confirm the abrasion resistance and moisture retention of the disinfectant wipes;

5. Pay attention to product information and product specifications;

6. Confirm the irritation of the product;

7. Open for use, wipe and discard. Note that disinfection wipes are disposable products. If the packaging is damaged, the product is out of date, or the relevant quality is not good enough, it should be avoided.






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