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Our strengths:

1.Real factory

2.Competitive pricing: our mechanisms are transparent and designed only to help our customers get a fair price, encouraging our customers to compare product prices to ensurethey can get a competitive quote from us.

3.Flexible trading models: production and delivery methods are adapted to the customer’s needs, providing different solutions.

Full range of control procedures:

1.Raw materials: workshop staff have strict dressing requirements, no contact with productionmaterials, to ensure that the raw materials are not contaminated.

2.Production: there is a professional in-house QC department to check every production step on a large scale and thedefective rate will be controlled 0.

3.Transport: we have good cooperation care with first class freight forwarders and shipping companies to guarantee cheap prices and safe.

Featured Services:

1.Differentiated services: we can develop new product lines and new patterned wipes fabrics together with you.

2.Branding services: using various online and offline channels to help customers promote their brands.

3.One-stop design service: we have a design team that can provide image and video processing as well as packaging and 3D modelling design.

Hot Product

80PCS Disposable Anti-fogging Wipes For Glass Made in China——Free samples

100PCS OEM/ODM Disposable Cotton Soft Dry Wipes Private Label

80PCS Cheap Green Safety Hand & Mouth Wet Wipes For Baby

100 PCS Flushable Biodegradable Baby Wipes

100PCS FDA GMP Pet Tissues For Dog Cat Cleaning & Grooming No Scent

25PCS Pure & Soft Facial Wipes Dermatologically Tested

12PCS Disposable Down Jacket Cleaning Wipes-Free Sample

6PCS Disposable Pet Gloves Cleaning Wipes Packaging Can be Customised

25PCS Facial Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes Cheap Price

Free Sample 72PCS Custom Branded Baby Cleansing Wipes

80PCS Baby Hypoallergenic Cleansing Wipes Made in China Factory

40PCS Multifunctional Car Cleaning Wipes



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